‘I got to know Henriette when she first introduced me to the world of BaZi and offered me a chart of my personality and its different composition, in a way that gave me a new and very specific perspective on the various fronts of my character and talents. We have, since then, forged a wonderful friendship that added a lot to my life especially with her valuable opinion and vast, impressive knowledge in the big decisions I want to make. Her invaluable advice helped and encouraged me along the way. Henriette’s impressive knowledge, passion and love for what she does is evident in her constant willingness to teach, give advice and reveal the secrets of my chart whenever I need her. I am sure she will excel in everything that she is doing and wish her all in her new endeavors!’ . I also look forward to meeting her soon.’

MZ – Jordan


I thought I have a pretty good grasp of BaZi already from all the classes I have taken to date but Henriette’s knowledge is definitely way more advanced than mine. She was able to paint a picture of my life in a way that made a lot of sense and which enabled me to look at the clashes and harms in my BaZi in a more positive light and not the typical “doom and gloom” interpretations for these combinations. Her advanced level of analysis is very empowering. Most importantly, her stone recommendation to ease the pressure and stress caused by the clash from my current luck cycle is exactly what I needed. Thank you so much, Henriette.’

Mila S. – California, USA


I have worked with Henriette as a fellow consultant and have found her to be very knowledgeable in many Chinese practices including Feng Shui, Ba Zi and Qi Men Dun Jia. She is very thorough, dedicated, has a wealth of knowledge, and her seeking for understanding never ends. She has helped me many times with her in-depth analysis. She is gracious, upbeat with a funny sense of humor and a joy to work with. I am especially impressed with her kind heart and generous sharing of her studies to help others. I highly recommend her for any Chinese consultation work — she is a rare gift!’



‘At a very frustrating and difficult phase in my life – I met Henriette. She beautifully explained my make up as a person, my relationships as well as interactions with others. Many things suddenly made sense. It was a description of me and my life in pictures. A further helpful input was a description of what is possible for the next 10 years of my life. It sounded amazing and slightly impossible at the time… But every bit played out as she said. The radical change was a bit intimidating but having been forewarned gave me a big sense of comfort as well as the tools to deal with it. It was exciting and surprising at the same time. The roadmap provided and useful tips on how to cope were very appropriate. I am grateful and cognisant of the time, effort that Henriette took in explaining the many elements and their interaction in my unique life and situation. She helped me on a wonderful journey of discovery. Helping me embrace my strengths and accept my challenges and weaknesses.  Thank you very much Henriette for being a guide on my life journey.

Anonymous – Switzerland


‘J’ai fait la connaissance d’Henriette il y a quelques années dans le cadre d’un mandat pour une étude de mon horoscope. J’ai été fascinée par la méthode scientifique, presque mathématique, de cet art maîtrisé avec brio par Henriette, qui n’est pas de l’astrologie chinoise classique, mais traditionnelle, celle qui est enseignée aujourd’hui seulement à quelques adeptes de par le monde, dont Henriette fait partie. Les résultats étaient bluffants puisqu’à l’époque, nous ne nous connaissions pas. L’exactitude des éléments des analyses d’Henriette, et la façon de les présenter, permettent au client de se positionner dans sa vie de manière plus consciente, d’être plus attentif à ses choix de vie, et de mettre tout de suite en pratique certains aspects soulevés et décryptés. C’est du concret! Les études d’Henriette offrent l’opportunité de se développer davantage dans ses talents et forces et de travailler sur les points faibles de sa personnalité. Elles ouvrent aussi l’horizon sur les choix possibles sur son chemin de vie. Henriette a par ailleurs une faculté exceptionnelle de transmettre sa passion et son savoir. Son enthousiasme est contagieux et il donne envie d’en savoir plus sur cet art de l’astrologie chinoise traditionnelle. Les connaissances d’Henriette dans cette matière sont vastes, et je la recommande vivement à tout chef d’entreprise, entrepreneur, homme d’affaires, ou autre personne intéressée à accroître ses talents et à vivre mieux au quotidien dans son environnement social, professionnel et personnel.’
Translation: ‘I made the acquaintance of Henriette a few years ago when I gave her a mandate to make a study of my horoscope. I was fascinated by the scientific method, almost mathematical approach. This art of traditional Chinese Astrology which is taught only to a handful of followers around the world, inclusive herself, is mastered brilliantly by Henriette. The results of her reading of all the elements were stunning, since at the time we did not know each other. The profound analysis of all elements and the way they were presented, allow the customer to look at his (or her) life more consciously and to be more attentive in life’s choices, and to immediately get pragmatic aspects handed to work on. This is very concrete!Henriette’s evaluations offer people the opportunity to develop their talents and strengths more in depth to their advantage and work on the weak points of their personality. They also open the horizon for options in their personal life path. Henriette has an exceptional ability to transmit this passion and pass on her knowledge, her enthusiasm is contagious and makes you want to learn more about the art of traditional Chinese Astrology. Her knowledge in this area is vast, and I highly recommend her to any business leader, entrepreneur, businessman, or other interested person in order to expand and explore their talents and implement these acquired phenomena in daily life to the maximum in order to enhance their personal, professional and business environment.’

RO – Switzerland


‘Although astrology in general has always seemed more like a coincidence then a science to me, Henriette’s analysis of my personalty and life situation, where shockingly close to my reality and her advise has helped me to understand why certain components of my life, professionally and personally, weren’t working and what I should do to fix them and choose the right direction for the future. People often say, “But where is the scientific proof?’’ and I was one of those. I am now increasingly convinced that the thousands of years of empirical study, experience and tracking, the ‘’science’’ IS behind Chinese Astrology. There is not a single other piece of research, which goes this far back in time.’

CB – Switzerland

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