With focus on developing and creating awareness the concepts of OZO People are directed towards the triangle healthy body, mind and spirit for people as well as team work in business. The living- and working environment interacts with the person and creates stress and possibilities for relief.

Everything is Qi-energy and knowing the facts on what creates Qi energy flow and where energy does not flow freely, gives people a chance to become aware and take appropriate actions for change. As energetic people and a healthy environment create an optimal foundation for wisdom, wealth and success.

OZO therefore handles three main areas of activity:

People Development

Creating Awareness and bringing out the best of people’s qualities, talents and passion whilst caring for Well-being and Self-management.


Coaching for Harmonious Teamwork in business in order to deliver top results. Creating insight and awareness and adding value to Personal- and Team development.


Redesigning Living- and Working Environments for improved Health, Relationship and Results for people and business.

Latest blog posts

Change your energy, change your life!

February 2015

Everything is energy and energy is (in) everything.

Qi (pronounced as ‘tschi’) or life energy flows through all matters: human beings, animals, plants and even death matter. Think about a wooden table, which is of very dense energy; its molecules are packed closely together, and hardly let Qi flow through.

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