Workshop 'TEAM Works'

The true meaning of T.E.A.M. is: Together Everybody Achieves More. Strong teams are characterized by the fact that its individuals are very different and still work well together. The key to this is your own uniqueness, recognition and genuine appreciation of the ‘other’, recognizing and exploiting synergies.


This workshop, based on the ancient strategy book of Sun Tzu, the Art of War, combines Eastern knowledge with Western explanation is created to understand, direct and strengthen yourself and your teammates with the target to grow wisdom, effectiveness, well-being and synergies in your working life and in your teamwork.

  • Discover your uniqueness and what it means for your team
  • Join in for a session of mapping true talents and passions of the team
  • Recognizing the synergies and how to unfold them for success
  • Creating awareness of your uniqueness and your contribution to the T.E.A.M.
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English, German, Dutch


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