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Personal Landscape Analysis

Are you that blazing fiery landscape? Or a more deep blue ‘philosophical’ ocean? Would you like to know what your personal landscape is? And how the elements of your landscape interact in order to be productive, healthy and in flow? Get practical information for actions to take and boost your energy to the next level […]

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Partner-, Family-Member or Business Relationship Analysis

What is your affinity with your partner, family member, or business relation? Have you always wondered, why you or why don’t you fit? Do you find yourself in a stressful relation and are you spending too much energy on thinking instead of acting positively towards the relationship? Find the solution in our analysis: based on […]

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Health Analysis

Which of your organs are (overly) strong or weak, and what does this mean for you in terms of body, mind and spirit? An extensive health analysis can inform on your physical, mental and spiritual strengths and weaknesses. And the best thing is: being aware, transforms your life: you can take action to keep your body in […]

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