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Personal Landscape Analysis

Are you that blazing fiery landscape? Or a more deep blue ‘philosophical’ ocean? Would you like to know what your personal landscape is? And how the elements of your landscape interact in order to be productive, healthy and in flow? Get practical information for actions to take and boost your energy to the next level […]

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Partner-, Family-Member or Business Relationship Analysis

What is your affinity with your partner, family member, or business relation? Have you always wondered, why you or why don’t you fit? Do you find yourself in a stressful relation and are you spending too much energy on thinking instead of acting positively towards the relationship? Find the solution in our analysis: based on […]

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Change your energy, change your life!

Everything is energy and energy is (in) everything.

Qi (pronounced as ‘tschi’) or life energy flows through all matters: human beings, animals, plants and even death matter. Think about a wooden table, which is of very dense energy; its molecules are packed closely together, and hardly let Qi flow through.

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Circular Economy

Within the concept of Circular Economy there is one word consistent with any literature on the subject of Economy. In WIKIPEDIA we can find the following definition for ECONOMY and CIRCULAR ECONOMY.

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Cognitive Technology

Cognitive technologies are products of the field of artificial intelligence. They are able to perform tasks that only humans used to be able to do.

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Concepts that incorporate an overall and integrated approach towards Improved Environmental Performance, looking at Circular Economy Concepts, evaluate Portfolio Opportunities and endorse Producer Responsibility for Products and Processes.

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