Monthly Archives: December 2014

Workshop Personal Landscape

Based on proven ancient Eastern cultural knowledge combined with Western explanation, you will discover your personal landscape and how this landscape interacts in order to be healthy, productive and in flow. Get to know your personality in a creative way and bring out the best of yourself and your relationships!

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Workshop Circular Economy

“Circular Economy” departs from the subject that all products for our consumption (in its broadest sense) need to be designed in such a way that the circle can be closed to avoid as much as possible waste and to circulate without a big degree of loss in its physical properties. The definition defines two major […]

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Workshop 'TEAM Works'

The true meaning of T.E.A.M. is: Together Everybody Achieves More. Strong teams are characterized by the fact that its individuals are very different and still work well together. The key to this is your own uniqueness, recognition and genuine appreciation of the ‘other’, recognizing and exploiting synergies.

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